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samuel Mcnaught

Samuel McNaught was born in Puebla, México. He studied graphic design at the Universidad Iberoamericana in Puebla, where he teaches for four years after finishing his studies.

He learned drawing and painting with master Germán Torres Ojeda. Also he learned etching and airbrush techniques with master Bulmaro Escobar, mixed techniques with master Alberto Ibáñez andportrait photography in Kodak of México. At York University in England he studied human figure drawing.

Samuel McNaught is a talented artist, who through his particular handling of colors, lights, shades and textures, catch us in his reflexive and deep world. His artistic evolution is evident in each of his works. He does not curtail with details. His images seemed to be three-dimensional, as if you could touch them. He invites you to go into his work and to get lost in a deep reflection that wakens each spectator’s senses. He creates an immediate fluid, frank and authentic communication.

Samuel submits himself in each one of his brushstrokes. He questions himself and yourself, thinks about his reality and invites you to think about yours.. He creates a deep, sincere, emotional, spiritual dialog, with no limits.

His work raises new perspectives, question diverse aspects of the reality, is in constant movement, as the life itself.


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